CARTSEEKER: Automating Refuse Collection

8 April 2024


The refuse collection industry is on the brink of a revolution with CARTSEEKER™. Imagine a system that offers an extra pair of eyes, capable of detecting bins with unmatched precision and facilitating their collection at the push of a button. That’s exactly what CARTSEEKER™ offers, a system that integrates artificial intelligence for increased efficiency and productivity.

Advanced Recognition and Alignment

Thanks to it’s advanced AI recognition and autonomous alignment, CARTSEEKER™ provides operators with unprecedented collection efficiency. This system significantly reduces training time and driver fatigue, allowing for better focus on the important aspects of refuse collection.

Autonomous Pickup

CARTSEEKER™’s advanced technology identifies refuse bins and automates the alignment as well as the lifting arm’s dumping cycle, thus improving operational efficiency. A manual mode is also available to ensure total flexibility when needed.

Accelerated Training

AI-assisted detection and monitoring of refuse bins facilitate training and reduce the learning curve for new drivers. CARTSEEKER™ allows for quick and efficient worker integration, which is essential for rapid operational readiness.

Increased Productivity

By minimizing the number of times drivers need to exit their vehicle, CARTSEEKER™ significantly improves the overall safety of operators. This timesaving translates directly into increased productivity and reduced operational costs.

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