The advantages of McNeilus front loader trucks

1 December 2023


McNeilus® refuse collection trucks offer the ideal solution to meet the growing demands of waste management. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of refuse collection trucks in North America, McNeilus® provides a range of vehicles that stand out for their unique advantages.

Three types of collection vehicles exist: front loader trucks, side loader trucks, and rear loader trucks.

Front loader trucks: the ultimate solution for efficient waste management

Meridian truck

McNeilus® front loader trucks provide remarkable advantages, designed to tackle demanding commercial routes and dense residential neighborhoods.

A diverse range of trucks ensures you get exactly what you need. Whether it’s the sturdy Atlantic Series® or the lighter Meridian™, these trucks are equipped to excel in their respective fields.

All McNeilus® front loader trucks come standard with Excalibre™ compaction cylinders. These cylinders feature a patented hardened steel device and nitrided rods, offering exceptional resistance to wear and protection against corrosion. This ensures not only longevity but also drastically reduces hydraulic contamination, contributing to reliable operation.

One of the standout features of these trucks is the McNeilus® CODE™ control system. This system offers superiority in vehicle diagnostics and troubleshooting, putting the power in your hands. It simplifies operation and ensures you have complete control over your vehicle’s performance.

The Atlantic Series® and Meridian™ front loader trucks both boast a design that optimizes ease of use and protects essential hydraulic and electrical components. This design not only enhances truck performance but also extends their lifespan, reducing maintenance costs.

McNeilus Atlantic Series front loader trucks: robust power

Atlantic truck

The Atlantic® series is a true robust and reliable workhorse. Built with AR450 abrasion-resistant steel and arms rated to lift up to 10,000 pounds, it’s designed to tackle the toughest routes. If you’re looking for a front loader truck that offers the best value, this is it.

McNeilus Meridian front loader trucks: a transformed collection

Meridian truck

The Meridian™ front loader truck is a true transformer in front loader collections. With its clear headframe, hydraulic improvements, and a flat body and hopper floor design that supports world-class carrying capacity, it offers superior efficiency and convenience.

Both Atlantic Series® and Meridian™ trucks offer CNG tailgate options in various capacities, meeting diverse environmental needs and considerations.

In conclusion, McNeilus® front loader trucks are the preferred choice for waste material collection management professionals. Their durability, advanced technology, and focus on ease make them a leading solution.

In the following article, we’ll explore side loader trucks.