The advantages of side-loading trucks

5 January 2024


McNeilus® refuse trucks are an ideal solution for meeting the growing needs of waste management. As North America’s leading manufacturer and supplier of refuse trucks, McNeilus® offers a range of vehicles that stand out for their unique advantages.

Three types of refuse truck exist: front-loading, side-loading and rear-loading.

In the previous article, we explored the advantages of front-loading trucks. In this one, we’ll explore side-loading trucks.

McNeilus side-loaders: when you need versatility

Camion de collecte à chargement latéral jaune

McNeilus automated and manual sideloaders exceed expectations when you need a truck flexible enough to handle the demands and obstacles of almost any type of residential routes. We offer a range of options in our sideloader product line to meet your needs. From Zero Radius™ and AutoReach® sideloaders offering efficient, high-performing owing to their single-arm designs, to the flexible manual/automated sideloader that can be used simultaneously as an automated sideloader, with an easy-to-use arm, and as a manual sideloader for the “extras” often encountered along many residential routes.

All McNeilus sideloaders feature McNeilus‘ exclusive Excalibre™ packing cylinders. Other features of the sideloader range include an advanced painting process offering superior coverage and quality for a long-lasting, high-quality finish. The McNeilus CODE™ control system available on the Zero Radius (ZR) sideloader puts superior truck diagnostics and troubleshooting at your fingertips, as well as the ability to add a garbage bin tipping device to the manual/automated sideloader to facilitate manual loading. 

The ZR™ side loader also offers several enhancements that facilitate maintenance, increase performance and frame life, and reduce overall vehicle weight. The AutoReach® is one of the strongest side loaders in the industry, with an arm lift capacity of up to 2,000 pounds, and the manual/automated side loader can also be ordered as a strictly manual side loader.

The ZR side loader

Camion de collecte à chargement latéral bleu, blanc et rouge

There can be plenty of obstacles to deal with on a daily collection route: narrow streets and alleyways and clearance problems around containers. Overcome these obstacles with the Zero Radius™ Automated Side Loader from McNeilus.

This advanced garbage truck offers an innovative, yet simple, zero radius operation. The arm extends instead of pivoting, so you don’t need much clearance to grab the garbage cans. With an optional extended reach of 12 feet, it’s even easier to navigate dead ends and obstacles such as parked cars. This field-proven arm can also handle some of the densest routes.

The McNeilus CODE™ system is also available on the ZR™ Automated Side Charger. In addition to comprehensive vehicle diagnostics at your fingertips, there’s an integrated smart fuse panel, reduced hardware requirements, pre-start reminders, status messages, and much more!

The AutoReach side loader

Camion de collecte à chargement latéral blanc

Get up close and personal with one of the industry’s toughest side loader The AutoReach® automated side loader features a 2,000-lb. arm lift capacity.

The innovative design of the AutoReach® arm allows it to articulate laterally over an 8-foot range, making it easy to manage obstacles. The arm’s gripper assembly can easily grasp garbage cans from 30 to 110 gallons, and optional extended grippers can handle garbage cans up to 300 gallons.

To add to the benefits of this unique side loader, all functions can be operated at idle speed, minimizing noise and fuel consumption.

Manual/Automated side loaders

Camion de collecte manuel-automatisé vert

Collection routes can be unpredictable when it comes to what sits next to the curb. The McNeilus Manual/Automated (MA) Side Loader eliminates some of the uncertainties with an automated arm and manual loading mechanism that makes it the most flexible refuse truck on the market.

The easy-to-use arm efficiently handles residential garbage cans. The low rim of the hopper also allows the operator to manually dispose of the “little extras” often encountered when collecting residual materials. What’s more, an optional cart tipping device allows you to collect from both sides of the street.

This versatile vehicle can also be operated without the arm as a strictly manual side loader. The lowered chassis and low hopper lip make it ideal for one-man or recycling routes, allowing the operator to empty bins easily and efficiently.

McNeilus side loaders offer exceptional versatility to meet the most demanding residential refuse collection needs. Whether you opt for Zero Radius™, AutoReach® or Manual/Automated, you’ll benefit from exceptional performances, advanced features such as the CODE™ system and the ability to customize your vehicle to your specific needs. These residual refuse trucks are designed to make harvesting more efficient, quieter and more environmentally friendly, while offering exceptional durability and ease of maintenance.

In the following article, we’ll look at rear-loading trucks.