The Advantages of Rear-Loaders Trucks

9 February 2024


McNeilus® vehicles collection is the ideal solution to meet the growing needs of waste management. As North America’s leading manufacturer and supplier of waste collection trucks, McNeilus® offers a range of vehicles that stand out for their unique advantages.

Three types of collection vehicle are available: front-loader, side-loader and rear-loader.

In the previous article, we explored the advantages of side loader trucks. In this one, we’ll explore rear loader trucks.

Maximize Reliability with McNeilus Rear-Loaders

Waste collection is an essential task. Reliable equipment is essential for efficient collection. McNeilus rear-loader refuse trucks are at the cutting edge of the industry, offering trusted performance and exceptional versatility to meet your needs.

Solutions for Every Need

McNeilus offers several variants to meet different requirements. The standard model is ideal for residential tasks and light commercial routes. If you’ve got heavier work to do, the Heavy Duty (HD) model is built for reliability, with superior compaction capacity. You can count on it for demanding commercial applications.

Superior Compaction

Camion à chargements arrière XC

The Extra Compaction (XC) model is designed for tough jobs. With increased compaction capacity, it can handle your most demanding routes, including commercial collection and demolition waste. The XC also offers features such as a larger bucket capacity and compaction cylinders that can compress up to 1,200 pounds per cubic yard.

Maximum Versatility

Camion à chargement arrière séparé

The split body rear-loader model is designed to adapt to your dual-stream collection needs. Available in two body sizes and with a 40/60 split, it can meet the requirements of your operation. The rear doors operate independently, allowing collection from both sides of the truck. This also helps reduce the carbon footprint by eliminating the need for another truck for recyclable materials.

A Global Solution

Camion à chargement arrière M2

McNeilus M2 Rear-Loaders are ideal for international carriers looking for a lighter solution. They offer the same quality as the standard model and are available in a variety of body configurations. Their robust design and low maintenance costs make them an attractive overall option.

With L’Arsenal, exclusive distributor of McNeilus refuse trucks, you can count on first-class solutions for waste management.