Quality Support for Your Fleet

18 June 2024


With the strength of McNeilus service combined with our parts specialist and technical support team, we have the flexibility needed to support your fleet wherever you are in Quebec and the Maritimes.

A Single Source for All Your Parts

At L’Arsenal, we understand the importance of keeping your fleet in perfect working condition. That’s why we offer a single source for all your parts, regardless of the models in your fleet.

Do you have older trucks? No problem. You’ll find all the parts you need. This means less time spent searching for different sources and more time ensuring your fleet runs smoothly.

Support Throughout the Lifecycle

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Our strategically stocked parts inventory ensures you get the part you need to keep your fleet performing at its best. This quick service minimizes downtime and maximizes operational efficiency.

Recommended Replacement Parts

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Our goal is to help you minimize your trucks’ downtime. Immediate access to high-wear parts can add hours of availability to your trucks. Our recommended replacement parts list is a suggested stocking guide of normal service parts for McNeilus trucks in your fleet. Only genuine McNeilus parts ensure the most reliable product, operating at its optimal performance.

A Solution for Mixed Fleets

Your fleet may be composed of different brands and models, but with Street Smart Parts™, you have a single dedicated source for exceptional replacement parts for all your needs. Find replacement parts for brands such as Heil®, Labrie™, New Way®, and more.

From nuts and bolts to large parts, you can count on high-quality materials, solid purchasing power, strict manufacturing processes, and an increased focus on quality parts that meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Rest assured that you will receive superior service and support across a wide range of replacement parts. Whether your fleet consists of McNeilus trucks or other brands, our parts service guarantees you get the best quality.

Contact us today to find out how we can help keep your fleet in perfect working order.

By phone: (855) 560-9765.

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